Software packages and tools I contributed to.



BGPStream is an open-source software framework for live and historical BGP data analysis, supporting scientific research, operational monitoring, and post-event analysis.

Although BGP is a crucial operational component of the Internet infrastructure, and is the subject of research in the areas of Internet performance, security, topology, protocols, economics, etc., there is no standard and efficient way of processing large amounts of distributed and/or live BGP measurement data. BGPStream fills this gap, enabling:

  • efficient investigation of events,
  • rapid prototyping, and
  • building complex tools and efficient large-scale monitoring applications (e.g., detection of connectivity disruptions or BGP hijacking attacks).
Visit for more information about BGPStream, documentation, and tutorials.

Hyperbolic Graph Generator

Embedded in the hyperbolic plane, complex networks naturally exhibit two common properties of real-world networks, namely power-law node degree distribution and strong clustering. The Hyperbolic Graph Generator is a command line C++ tool (and library) for the efficient generation of synthetic graphs embedded in hyperbolic spaces.

The code is available at:

Hyperbolic-Greedy-Forwarding-Scenario is a C++ scenario for ndnSIM (NDN simulator) that can be used to evaluate the performances of the greedy forwarding protocol in NDN networks embedded in hyperbolic spaces.

The code is available at: Forwarding-Scenario



Statistics-Discrete is a Perl extension for efficient statistical analysis of discrete data. The package provides functions to generate descriptive statistics and distributions, and the option to bin the distributions requested. It uses an internal cache in order to be as efficient as possible when multiple statistics are computed on the same set of data.